Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do Politicians Fight the Peoples Vote? Listen to the people Harry Kim! NO GMO

I wanted to focus on the GMO issue relating to Hawaii island. Last month there was a historical vote by the Hawaii County Council to ban Genetic Modification of coffee and kalo. The vote was unanimous by the council, supported by public testimony as well as online testimony from the outer islands. I also sent a letter of support in the ban on GMOs. I have studied GMOs for about two years now and there is absolutely no evidence that they are "good or safe" for humans or the 'aina. There is however evidence that they are dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. Most other nations and countries will not even allow them into their countries. But here in the US we are all treated like guinea pigs. Why is this allowed to go on here? Because of corrupt politicians like George Bush and now Harry Kim of Hawaii island. These guys should have to live off of GMOs and see how they feel after a year or two! Maybe that would help them to feel and understand how potentially bad they really are to the entire world and environment.

Our own Health Officer Dr. Lorin Pang will gladly come and speak about the ill effects of GMOs and he has the DATA to back-up his statements. He can only make comments as a "educated and concerned citizen" because the State position he holds does not allow for him to comment negatively about GMOs---How corrupt is that? Our own Health Officer is not allowed to state the dangers relating to GMOs and that is appalling, also that we as citizens and a community do not stand up to this unjust and mandate laws relating to GMO test fields in our state. We are the largest GMO open field testing area in the world....YIKES! This from another blogspot: (check it out, interesting brief read)

Getting back to the current Big Island issue, I was almost shocked when I heard that Mayor Harry Kim had placed a veto on the recent unanimous vote to ban GMO of coffee and taro; then I remembered hey, this is just another corrupt politician doing his job---RIGHT? Anyway, I was happy to read in The Maui News that: "A ban on the growing of genetically modified taro and coffee went into effect on the Big Island when the Hawaii County Council voted to override a veto by Mayor Harry Kim". The vote was again unanimous after hearing more public testimony (over 5 hours) from about 100 people on Thursday. The article is from Sat. Nov. 15, page A4. Kim stated that "Hawaii has an obligation to help feed the world through the testing of genetically modified organisms". This is his argument? jeopardize Hawaii, the people, and environment, changing the genes of ones ancestor to "possibly" help world hunger? This statement makes no sense at all and just shows the true colors of another money and greed driven politician. I say people unite, fight and take back our government....enough is enough....we must stand up and fight for what we want and believe in otherwise the politicians do whatever they please. Kahea is a great website to visit and keep updated on issues relating to the protection of Hawaii and species and environment. Plaese visit. Mahalo Annjulie

References: The Maui News, Harry Kim, Lorin Pang and Kauai blogspot. And Kahea


White Rose said...

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EKH said...

Dr Pang,
I viewed your presentation on the Olelo channel. Wow, what an eye opener. I've always heard about negative effects of GMO. Your presentation really brings to light exactly what the dangers are.