Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Son of Hawaii Makes History: The Next Generation is Moving Forward

Barack Obama from Hawaii just caught the biggest wave ever ridden by an island boy....amazing!
I wanted to write about this historical moment and how it will most definitely bring changes in our world (and Hawaii). I feel that this is not only closing the gap on race and racism but also represents the control of powers moving out of the hands of the "older conservative" leaders into the next generation of the new younger "open minded" leaders. I have been waiting for this moment for the past twenty years and now that it is here the feeling is hard to put into words. I will do my best to express what I mean (It is kind of like catching a huge wave, almost dying, and then pulling it off to win the contest). The adrenalin is still pumping 24 hours later!

This has been an exciting time to live and experience the ride. When I first heard of Obama and his run for the presidency, I thought another hopeful that has no chance in hell. How can this nobody with out much experience, who is black think he can win? I do not know how this is real with all of the corrupt people with power in charge. Somehow justice has prevailed, and the people have been heard. With the faulty electronic voting machines, the "good old boy mentality" of Washington, and just plain past history, I honestly did not think that Obama could do it. Thank the universe that change is possible and the passing of the torch is moving to "the next generation".

Watching the campaign for the last month, learning about voting issues and such, I had become callused to protect myself. I did not want to get my hopes up and be let down yet again. I was pleasantly shocked when I turned on the news and saw that Obama had won in Ohio, then other battle ground states, I was thinking this is so surreal, is this for real? I started calling my friends and the adrenalin started gushing because it became clear that history was in the making. I started reflecting on other stand out moments in my life-time, and this one is so huge...Oh my God! It's happening right now....unbelievable. I am so happy to have been able to experience this time in history.

When Obama took the stage in front of thousands of supporters and gave his beautiful and eloquent acceptance speech I was brought to tears. Looking at the Rev. Jessy Jackson and the mixed races all together and crying with joy, sharing the moment was truly amazing feeling that I will never forget. I feel that we as a country merged together and bridged a huge gap not only on race but also on age. Last night we were all ONE, even the Republicans had join in.

Once the news switched to local races, I was really impressed with Mufi and what he had to say about Obama's win. Before he even won himself, he took time (a lot) to recognize the enormity of the Presidential win. He said here is a "son of Hawaii" who is African-American who has made history. Mufi talked about Obama growing up here, eating plate lunch, saimin, shave ice, who is one of us. Obama knows the difference from Waipahu & Hanauma Bay, Windward from Leeward, who gets in the ocean and surfs and so on; how he will always look after Hawaii in Washington and how we are so fortunate to have Obama on our side. I loved hearing this from a politician...simple recognition of the huge feat just accomplished by an average boy from Hawaii. Mufi said what should be said by all of our public officials. Lingle on the other hand spoke for maybe 2 minutes about how John McCain ran such a good race and that "if you look at the popular vote, John only lost by 4%" and on about the Republicans (she was disgraceful in my opinion). All she said about Obama was that "well now we have someone from Hawaii that made it to the Presidency and the history books".

I think that it is hard for the older generation to accept change, to accept that the torch is moving down to the younger generation and so forth. I have compassion for these people, but get over it! Now it is our turn to shape the country and create a new face for America. Finally we (younger minorities) have some control and influence on the world. A son of Hawaii has risen to power...Let Freedom Ring!
Mahalo Annjulie

My sources are ABC news November 4, 2008 & KITV4 news November 4, 2008


Mufi Hannemann and Linda Lingle for quotes.

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