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Are We "Celebrating" 50 Years of Statehood? According to the Government it is a Commemoration!

I wanted to research this to get informed and I am curious because I keep seeing the commercials on television regarding statehood and I wanted to dig deeper to maybe learn the "real truth" on this critical issue and how Hawaiians actually feel about it. I know in my heart how most feel, but is it portrayed in the media and history books...not at all until recently, and only some truths are general knowledge. You have to really get educated and research to find the "real truth" about Hawaii.

Over the years I have been studying and learning what I can about Hawaiian history because I am a citizen and I want to know the truth as much as possible. Relating to statehood, it seems that the public is not totally informed, visitors and mainland Americans have absolutely "no clue" when it comes to Hawaii and the many issues that surround it or the history in general. I think that the United States has bullied its way into Hawaii and just do what they please to benefit the military and the wealth of the U.S. The US knows exactly what they are doing since the overthrow of the kingdom. It has been a strategic plan to "acquire" Hawaii from the beginning!

The way the Treaty of Annexation was done in an "un-honest" way to say the least. The fact that 38,000 Hawaiians out of 40,000 total population were against annexation was completely ignored is horrifying. This is how the US works to get what they want. I am a born American, but that does not make me American in how I think! I think that there are many Americans that feel as I do and do not agree with the tactics of American Government, there are also many that are just ignorant and do not give a shit about any of the unjust committed by our government.

So I did some research (I want to do more) and what I have found is pretty ugly. It makes me and the country that I was born in look like greedy assholes that just do what ever it takes to gain more power and wealth including: Cheating, lying, killing, destroying, overtaking, colonizing, and of course tricking entire peoples and nations and kingdoms.

It is hard for me to even write objectively because everything is based on the above statements. The Native Indians have been nearly destroyed as well as the Hawaiian people.

So now back to "statehood", I have been seeing all of these commercials and I wanted to see for myself what people thought back in 1959 and today about statehood. Sure a lot of people were "for" and supported statehood or we would not be a state, but of course it was "achieved" in a sneaky way so that the native Hawaiian peoples voice was not heard because if it was we probably would not be a state, and certainly would not have been annexed.
This according to

The "Statehood Process" for Hawai`i was a double fraud. It not only failed to provide the correct set of choices to be voted upon. The process altered the "self" who could exercise "self determination." The qualified voters in this process were U.S. citizens who had resided in Hawai`i for at least one year. Since the American invasion and annexation and during its watch, thousands had migrated to Hawai`i, coming from the U.S., Europe, Asia and other Pacific Islands. Many were associated with the U.S. military's presence in Hawai`i. Others came for employment, education, opportunities or escape. These people who were or took up U.S. citizenship were all permitted to vote. But those who dared to declare themselves Hawaiian citizens, refusing to accept the imposed American citizenship, could not vote.

The Americans controlled education, economics, media, the judiciary as well as the internal political processes, managing in these years to continually squeeze the Hawaiian identity from public life. This practice of altering the "self" by maintaining control over transmigration, public education and economic dependence is familiar among colonial countries not wanting to lose their colonial possessions. France's conduct in Tahiti and New Caledonia and Indonesia's in East Timor, West Papua, and the Moluccas Islands are mirrors of the U.S.' conduct in Hawai`i.

Thus, 38 years after the Statehood vote in Hawai`i, the question of Statehood is being revisited, pried open, in fact, by this better understanding in Hawai`i of the rights which should have been accorded the "real" people of Hawai`i entitled to vote on such an important question.

This information is from from 11 years ago, but this is still being discussed today. Fifty years of statehood will be "commemorated" next August. The word "celebrated" is not used because according to The Honolulu Advertiser article: Statehood Commemoration Starts Leading Up to Hawaii's 50th Year is not "sensitive" to those who opposed it.

"The commemoration also will "be sensitive" to those in Hawai'i who have opposed statehood.The 25-member commission, for instance, has tried to avoid the use of the word "celebration," opting instead for the more neutral "commemoration." It has also promised to present all sides of the statehood story in its activities".

You can also go to and there is a lot of information on the history of statehood plus the commercials that sparked me to research this topic as well as what the state plans are for the "commemoration" of 50 years of statehood. They "appear" to try to be somewhat biased, but not really! Mahalo Annjulie

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