Sunday, September 14, 2008

The first reading: Malcome X: my reaction

Aloha Everyone or Anyone,
I really enjoyed the first reading on Malcome X. It was very refreshing and different material than I usually read. I learned alot about the history of America and insight that I would have never known about. Thank you for bringing this reading to my attention because I do not think that I would have gone out and read this otherwise and now I will certainly read more of Malcome X and what he had to say. I thought that he was extremely articulate and presented a clear view from his perspective and was able to pass an insightful point of view on to the reader to help and understand the past.

I think that Malcome X presents his material in a way that the average "white person kind of has to relate to as well as acknowledge" took place not too long ago. It was an eye opener for me to read this and I really liked the fact that he took the time to educated himself and had concrete evidence to back up all his writings as hard as it may be to swallow these issues are real and it is part of the history of America. I think that Malcome X does an excellant job of arguing his position on many topics of discussion throughout the reading and you have to agree that he is correct about the many unjusts that have taken place throughout world history. What a great human being, what a loss that he was murdered.

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